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Example Program Review Process

This document provides guidance for Knights of NI, LabVIEW Champions and other users who are able to review examples to be Community Verified.  


What is Community Verified? 

The Community Verified status is used to highlight Example Programs that experienced community users have evaluated and believe are good examples for others to use as a getting started point for their applications. Guidance on how to write a good example can be found in the Example style guide, but users evaluating examples to become Community Verified are also using their own knowledge and experience to evaluate the overall quality of the example and information provided. 


How do I mark a document as Community Verified? 

As a user with the ability to mark Example Programs as Verified, you will see a Review Status field on published Example Programs, which allows you to mark an Example Program as Community Verified. Follow the steps below to verify an Example Program. 

Note: ThReview Status field is not visible to all users.  

  1. Open the Example Program you’d like to verify 
  2. Review the information provided and the attached code to ensure it meets the Example Program Style Guidelines.
  3. If the example should be marked as Community Verified, scroll to the Review Status field and select the checkbox next to Community Verified. The page will then reload with the updated review status.
  4. If the example should not be marked as Community Verified, you are encouraged to provide feedback to the author in the Comments so that they can improve the document.

Example Program Community Verified.png

What articles should I evaluate for the Community Verified status? 

Any published Example Program that is not already marked as Community Verified can be evaluated. It is recommended that you evaluate Example Programs that include products, architectures and/or applications that you have experience with. There is no queue, pre-determined order or priority in which Example Programs should be reviewed. This was an intentional decision as it will allow Community Reviewers to prioritize Example Programs that they believe add value to community users 


Will other users know who marked the example as Community Verified? 

Yes! When an Example Program is marked as Community Verified the username of the user who evaluated the Example will display at the top of the article next to the review status.  

Example Program Community Verified2.png


What are the criteria for a document to become Community Verified? 

To evaluate if an Example Program should be Community Verified you the following criteria can be considered: 

  • Example Program Style Guide
  • Is the information necessary to understand and use the attached code provided? 
  • Based on your knowledge and experience with relevant products and applications does the example follow good coding practices to accomplish the task?