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Intermediate Challenges


Coding challenges are a great way for group members to learn from one another. Share your intermediate coding challenge ideas with other group leaders by adding yours below.

  • Create an application that will accept text and convert it to Morse Code, played through the computer sound port. The user should be able to select the play speed.
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Recently tried a coding challenge in the Phoenix area (PLUG).  It was quite a bit of work for me to come up with the challenge and create the templates and test executives.  NI sponsored some free hardware as the prize, pretty cool, but participation was low.  We gave 1 month from time of announcement to submission deadline, but only had 2 submissions and a few inquiries that didn't submit.  I got some feedback that the problem statement was too difficult or not enough fun, but I was trying to come up with a real-world LabVIEW challenge (shared access to large databases) that was still bite sized for a coding challenge.  Kind of a bummer we didn't have more submissions, but we'll keep looking for the right combination, I think coding challenges are a great way to share knowledge.

Nate Moehring

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