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Solid Orange Light of Gbit Ethernet Port

Solid Orange Light of Gbit Ethernet Port


I installed UHD driver and burned the latest images of FW/FPGA to use ubuntu/gnuradio as follows. 
cd /usr/share/uhd/utils sudo ifconfig eth0 <ex:>
sudo ./ --addr= --fpga=/usr/share/uhd/images/usrp_n210_r4_fpga.bin sudo ./ --addr= --fw=/usr/share/uhd/images/usrp_n210_fw.bin
Now, I have problem communicating with my NI USRP 2920. The orange light on usrp ethernet port is permanently ON and green light OFF. No blinking.
The main board is not responding to any network access like ping or other "find" utilities.
F LED is on when booted.
I would be appreciated if you could help me to solve the problem.
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Re: Solid Orange Light of Gbit Ethernet Port

Hi Walrus 1125,


Looking over everything that you did, it sounds like you did this correctly.  Assuming there were no power issues while burning the fw/FPGA image this shouldn't cause an issue.  You may want to try booting it into safe mode and trying again.


However, this forum is aimed to provide support for the NI-USRP driver and LabVIEW.  Since you are using the UHD driver, you will likely get a more detailed answer by sending this question to the USRP mailing list.  You should get a response fairly quickly.

Sarah Y

SDR Product Manager
National Instruments | Ettus Research
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