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Installing LabVIEW in OpenSUSE 15.2

This document describes how to install LabVIEW under OpenSUSE 15.2.



  • You already have a working OpenSUSE 15.2 system or Virtual Machine (VM)
  • You have purchased & obtained the LabVIEW for Linux .iso


  1. Close all NI software on your system if any is running
  2. Mount the LabVIEW for Linux .ISO (disk image file)
    1. This can be done using your VM software, and is similar to loading an .ISO as a DVD-ROM image when using a virtual machine for any other Linux or Windows OS
    2. You can also mount the .ISO manually by entering a few commands in the terminal (aka Konsole)
      1. create a mount point using sudo mkdir /mnt/LV2020
        (You can also use the su command to switch to the super user/root account, enter your password once, and then you don't need to include the sudo argument each time, like I've done in the screenshots)
      2. mount the ISO using sudo mount -o loop /path/to/my-iso-image.iso /mnt/LV2020
  3. Navigate to the mount location and run the Install script
    1. Navigate to the mount folder using cd /mnt/LV2020
    2. Run the install script using sudo sh ./INSTALL
      2021-10-19 at 1.38 PM.png
  4. Follow the terminal prompts to complete the installation