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Test Monitoring with the HTTP API - Where are the API Files?

I am wanting to integrate the test monitoring into my LabVIEW program (not using Test Stand).  Reading the manual ( I see one of the steps is "use the Create Test Result HTTP API request".  In trying to find said request, I then clicked the "Test Monitor Web Service API Reference" link in the SystemLink manual. 


This shows me a table, where I am supposed to " send the specified information" .....where do I find said specified information?

Create Test Result Creates a new test result with the specified information. POST /nitestmonitor/v1/results None


I see this note at the top of the page: "Refer to the full API documentation for more details about each request."   Is there a link to the full API documentation somewhere?


I tried the skyline api pdfs posted in the group, but I didnt see one for nitestmonitor.


I have the SystemLink client and LabVIEW 2016 installed on the development machine.





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Attached is a preliminary documentation on the Test Monitor HTTP API.  We hope to have official Swagger documentation for our HTTP API in the future, but hopefully you can use this for now.


In addition, I have posted a preliminary LabVIEW API using the Test Monitory HTTP API if you want to use it as a starting point.  Note the LabVIEW API may change some before it officially releases, so please take that into consideration when using the VIs.

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Fixed a small mistake in the previous document and added a second for reference.

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Thanks for the update.


FYI Example 2 the Session ID wire is not wired from the Open Configuration HTTP to the Initialize Result.  I realize they are not final shipping examples figured I would mention it.




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Thanks!  We probably broke it by accident the last time we refactored some of the logic.

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For anyone running into this in the future, SystemLink 18.2 added Swagger documentation for the HTTP APIs of the various SystemLink services to the SystemLink Server. To interact with this documentation, navigate to http://<YOUR_SERVER_ADDR>/niapis/


R Dahlman


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