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SystemLink server settings

Two topics:

first: In NI MAX PXI is recognized. I do not find it in SystemLink web application. In SystemLink settings the server status is showing as disconnected. Is anything wrong I put? 


second: Can we connect two different SystemLink servers in one PXI controller? In NI MAX under systemlink settings if we put two server addresses will it be connected?

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Clients can only connect to a single server at a time. If you list multiple servers they will be treated as a failover list and it will only attempt to connect to the second server if the connection fails to the first server.


If you are having issues connecting the client to the server please double check your server hostname in the client. It should be an IP address or fully qualified domain name and not include any protocol (e.g. HTTP://) or slashes. In addition, check the firewall and port settings on your server to make sure the client can connect to the ports listed in the documentation.


In addition, here is a link to a training video that walks through how to correctly install and configure the SL server.

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