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Populating Test results into SystemLink from CSV files using Python

I have a collection of CSV files saved to my SystemLink server that contain measurement data for various tests. I want to take the data from these CSVs and create test results on the server.


Is there a way to do this in Python without using TDMS/DataFinder? If so, which API would work best for this task?


Thanks in advance fine people.

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The API (systemlink.clients.nifile.models.upload_response module) should get you the uploaded file to python for further processing. 


Refer: https:// <your  server address here> /niapis/python/modules/systemlink.clients.nifile.models.upload_response.html?#module-systemlink.clients.nifile.models.upload_response




Ajay MV

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So, this example should get you started with querying for files on your server: The example here should get you started with the APIs for creating tests:

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