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Deploy package to all desktops

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I have a batch script I built into a package and I'm trying to deploy it to all user's desktops on the target machine. I am using NI Package Builder to build the package, and SystemLink to deploy it.


I found in this superuser thread that the Windows 10 all users desktop is located at C:/Users/Public/Public Desktop.


That folder is hidden by default. I set it as my target for the package, and instead of putting my batch script in the hidden folder, SystemLink is putting it in a duplicate folder that is not hidden. The batch script is not appearing on all user's desktops on the target machine.


Is there a way I can tell SystemLink that the folder already exists, but is hidden?

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"SystemLink" isn't installing the file.  It is just a remote execution engine that calls the nipkg.exe command-line to install the package, but it is doing it from a service running as the SYSTEM user. Windows doesn't allow folders with duplicate names, so there must be some difference other than the fact that one is hidden or not.  Are you sure one isn't a link and the other is a folder?


From a quick google search it seems like the correct folder may be 



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Looks like you're right. The build of Win10 on my target machine is a little outdated. In the file explorer, it shows 

C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop

But if I go to the properties page, location tab, it shows the location on disk as



See the attached screenshot.


I updated my package with that location and it's working now.

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