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Cannot write Tags to api.systemlinkcloud behind a Proxy

Hello Community,


I have a problem writing Tag- values to a tag on My Windows-computer running the VI sits behind a Firewall- Proxy. When I run the VI on a computer directly connected to the router, everything works fine.

The "Open" returns without error, but "Open Tag" gives an error 363500 and the message:<APPEND>

<b>Complete call chain:</b>
NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Execute HTTP
NI Skyline Tag HTTP Library.lvlib:Open Tag
NI Skyline Tag HTTP Library.lvlib:Open
NI Skyline Tag HTTP.lvclass:Open Tag
NI Skyline Tag HTTP.lvclass:Open Tag


My Proxy- Settings are set correctly, local addresses are excluded, edge is working fine.


Which settings are necessary to tell the Systemlink- VIs to connect to via proxy Server?


Systemlinkcloud Proxy Problem.png

Greets, Dave
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