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24h Timeformat



All our results started time are defined in AM/PM, how do I change it to 24H hour? 

All the Teststand and Labview systems that gather our results are set up with 24H format.


Thanks 🙂 

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Hi KasperL,


You're writing in the SystemLink Support Forum, so I'm guessing this question is about sending some kind of data to some part of SystemLink... somehow.


Do your existing TestStand and LabVIEW systems send data to SystemLink the same way?  Is that with VI calls from the SystemLink palette in your LabVIEW code, running alone or as TestStand steps?  Or perhaps is that using the TestStand automatic reporting option to send sequence results to SystemLink, not using LabVIEW to communicate with SystemLink at all?  Or are you making calls directly to the SystemLink web service APIs?


What data are we talking about sending to SystemLink: tags, files, records for the Test Monitor (from TestStand maybe), or some other kind of data?


What part of SystemLink are you hoping to see that data in, presumably with 24 hour display:  The Tag Viewer, the File Viewer, the TDMS File Viewer, the Test Monitor, the DataFinder, the Analysis Server...?


Once we've got your question clarified, hopefully we can provide you with answers, but at the moment I'm feeling paralyzed by the range of possible interpretations I can imagine your question meaning.


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer


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