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TimeSync for NI-Sync Hardware: Getting Started

NI-TimeSync 1.2 w/ NI-Sync Hardware Plug-in (labs)

Installation Instructions:

  • Install NI-TimeSync 1.2 from the provided link and make sure the NI-Sync plug-in is selected for installation
  • Update your target through MAX to install the new software available

Selecting the NI-Sync board to synchronize to:

  • Edit the following line in "/ni-rt/system/ni-timesync/ni-timesync-nisync.ini"
    • source.nisync.deviceName = PXI1Slot7
      • Replace PXI1Slot7 with the NI-Sync board (PXI-6682 or PCI-1588) you want to synchronize to
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Synchronizing RT OS system time to a PXI timing & sync module, like the PXI-6683(H) is now a supported feature as of NI-TimeSync 18.0.1. When installing NI-TimeSync 18.0 make sure to select "NI-TimeSync Plugins->NI-Sync Support". There is not a LabVIEW API yet, but please continue to use the /ni-rt/system/ni-timesync/ni-timesync-nisync.ini to specify the PXI device and let us know if you have any questions.

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Does this require the Realtime app to be enable?


I have set 

RTTarget.LaunchAppAtBoot = False

in ni-rt.ini, and the sync seems not be be active any more.



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@immercd1 wrote:

Does this require the Realtime app to be enable?

On my system the RTTarget.LanuchAppAtBoot flag does not seem to have any impact on the functionality of NI-Sync.

For reference, I am using NI-TimeSync 19.0. I'd expect the 1.2 version to behave similarly though.

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