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Switch Executive, route with numerous endpoints connected on the same row

Help please someone...
I'm using Switch Executive with a NI4072 together with Teststand to measure 2 wire resistances in a UUT. I have predefined routes for connecting DMM+ to point1 and DMM- to point2 and pair them into Route Groups for their particular tests in Teststand etc etc. However I would like to also test that a point (connected to DMM+) is not shorted to any other points in the circuit (each connected to DMM-). In other words, I want to have route group which includes numerous routes which have the same start point (or end point), but SE will not assign them to the same row and therefore I cannot have more routes than rows even though they should all be able to be connected to a single row. Creating a route with one start point and numerous endpoints would solve my problem but SE does not permit this even though it should be physically possible to connect many columns to a single row. Any suggestions appreciated.
Mike Vivanti
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Hello Mike,

What kind of switch module are you using?  I just simulated a PXI-2532 matrix switch on my system and created a route group which consists of 8 routes.  These routes connect r0 to c0 - c7.  When I connect that route group from LabVIEW, I can observe the connections that are made with the PXI-2532 test panel.

See the attached image.  Is this what you are trying to accomplish?
Note:  You cannot connect multiple columns to a single row within one route.
I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Sean C.
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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply which has led me to a solution.

I am also using the PXI 2532. The trick is therefore to use a row as an endpoint and a column as another. However this cannot be done if you have already specified all your rows as Reserved for Routing and need them as such. I had to export the SE virtual device and then create another using it and edit it accordingly, and then create all the individual row to column routes for inclusion in route groups etc.. Yuk! Not only was it a lot of clicking and scrolling but it then meant I have my switching information and configuration spread over more than one file. Oh well, it works.

Also, my SE interface is very sluggish i.e slow response when scrolling and editing in the MAX. Is that normal? I am using a PXI8184 processor (850MHz celeron with 256mb)

Many thanks



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Hello Mike,

My Switch Executive does not seem to be slow.  Do you have other applications open at the same time?  A large number of switch configurations?

Sean C.
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Also, what version of Switch Executive are you using?

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