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USRP2900 - RX FM Demodulator (listening FM Radio)


This is a *.gvi wich demodulates FM radio in real-time using the USRP2900. The *.gvi shows the spectrum of the signal to demodulate and the message which is sent to the loudspeakers of the host. Useful to learn the basis of the demodulation using available RX signals in the VHF band.


Hardware and Software Requirements

USRP 2900 + VHF antenna
LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite 2.0
PC host / Window7 SP1

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

1. Plug the NI-USRP 2900 to the host (USB3)
2. Launch NI-USRP Utility and check USRP2900 conexion to the host
3. Launch LabViEW Communications System Design Suite 2.0
4. File/New/Project
5. Navigation Pane : Untitled Project -> right clic + Add File...
6. Add File : rx_demod_fm_usrp2900.gvi

7. Add Files : Simple Resample.gvi, Simple Sound.gvi
8. Run (0 errors, 1 warnings).

Additional Information or References