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Software Defined Radio

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(Rx) Spectral Monitoring with USRP and LabVIEW Communications


Demonstrates reading spectral data with interactive reconfiguration using an NI-USRP.


This is a shipping example with LabVIEW Communcations System Design Suite 1.0 written to perform a simple data acquisition and FFT.  To access it and other examples from within LabVIEW Communications, navigate to File >> Examples >> Hardware Input and Output >> NI USRP Host >> Single Device >> Single Channel >> Finite >> Spectral Monitoring (Interactive), or download it from this document.

Steps to Implement or Execute Code:

1. Run the NI-USRP Configuration Utility. Use the IP Address as the Device Name control value for devices using Ethernet or the USRP RIO device ID as the Device Name control value for devices using PCI Express.

2. Run the VI, observe the acquired signal and the Magnitude spectrum of that signal.

3. While the VI is running, optionally change any of the inputs and click Reconfigure to apply the changes.

4. Click Stop to stop the VI.

Rx with FFT Front Panel.PNG

Figure 1: Panel of Spectral Monitoring (Interactive).gvi

Rx with FFT Diagram.PNG

Figure 2: Diagram of Spectral Monitoring (Interactive).gvi



  • LabVIEW Communications System Design Software 1.0+


  • USRP
  • Antenna

Additional Images or Video

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