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RF Record and Playback with USRP and LabVIEW Communications


This example demonstrates RF record and playback using the NI USRP™ tranceiver.


For complete description and details for the following example, check out this white paper:

Steps to Implement or Execute Code:

1.  Open Record.gvi and navigate to the front panel

2.  Populate the front panel controls as follows:

  • Configure a file path for the recorded signal
  • Enter the IP address of your USRP device (typically
  • Set the Carrier Frequency, IQ Rate, and Gain for the signal you'd like to acquire
  • Ensure the proper antenna is selected

3.  Run the VI to record a signal with the configured settings

In our demonstration using a handheld two-way radio,  the parameters were configured and input was observed/recorded as shown in Figure 1:

record - front panel.PNG

Figure 1: Front panel parameters for recording of two-way radio

NOTE: Be sure to observe the coerced values so that you know exactly what parameters were used for the recording

4.  Open Playback.gvi and navigate to the front panel

5.  Populate the front panel controls with the File Path to the previously recorded binary file, as well as the Carrier Frequency, IQ Rate, and Gain used previously (assuming you're playing back to the same device you recorded from)

6.  Run the VI to playback the recorded signal with the configured settings

The parameters were configured as shown in Figure 2 for playback of the two-way radio signal recorded for this demonstration:

playback - front panel.PNG

Figure 2: Front panel parameters for playback of recorded two-way radio signal



  • LabVIEW Communications System Design Software 1.0+


  • USRP-292x, USRP-293x, USRP-294x, or USRP-295x
  • Device to generate RF signal you wish to record and playback (like a two-way radio)

Additional Images or Video

See the full Record and Playback tutorial for LabVIEW 2014:

LabVIEW 2014 version of this example is available here.

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National Instruments


can I use the RF Record-Playback ‏23 KB for monitoring if gsm signal in GSM 900 band to find the channel efficiency...???? please help...


if not can You provide gsm signal receiving vi labview using usrp2920 kit.. 



I am using labview 2017 and the above rf record playback .zip , iam not able open in labview 2017 in windows platform ,


please suggest how to open that files in labview 2017.



Ekula srinivas


I am using LAB view 2020 64 bit with USRP Ni 2900

   I try to use RF Record-Playback ‏23 KB , but it is not open in my labview...

currently i am using another NI USRP Record and Playback - I16.llb ‏219 KB 

I am using RX2 for recording through an active antenna mounted on roof with a feeded bias tee

it is making .bin file but not showing any GPS satellite

I m suing 1575.42M, IQ rate 4M and gain 20dB