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Increase Spectral Efficiency for Wireless Communications


The code is available for download here.



 This code provides the software interface for four-node ZigBee network with unslotted CSMA MAC protocol. The system relies on in-band full duplex, so it can sense while transmitting so as to eliminate collision overheads in wireless networks. This is done by continuously sensing for neighboring transmitters and aborting the transmission if one is detected. This helps in the creation of dense Internet of Things (IoT) deployments in an energy-efficient way. 



 The host interface can drive up to 4 USRPs  via  PCI-e connection. Each node is equipped with an Electrical Balance Duplexer (EBD) and uses Particle Swarm optimizer to tune its coefficients. The EBD provides 50-60 dB Tx-Rx isolation at 1.7GHz within 6MHz. This code offers various facilities to the experimenters as follows.

  • Managing the test scenario by an open source LabVIEW host code.
  • Various measurements namely packet delivery rate and collision probability.
  • Open source CSMA mac protocol.
  • Generating different interfering waveforms in the host interface.

Hardware Requirement


Hardware Quantity Purpose
 NI USRP 2952 4 network Node
EBD  4 Full Duplex


Software Requirement

 LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite ver. 2.0. (Free evaluation)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

The code can be run by LabVIEW communication Ver2. The host interface can be found in "HOST" folder by name of "CollisionDetect_Demo_MultiUSRP". 

The parameters in "setting" tab must be adjusted before executing the code. 


Additional Information or References

Read the case study -->

Download LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite ver. 2.0 to evaluate for free. 




Seyed Ali Hassani

ESAT- TELEMIC, Telecommunications and Microwaves

Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 - box 2444

3001 Leuven

tel. +32 16 32 83 76