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PCI-5411 with LabVIEW 8.2 and NI-FGEN 4.2.1

I use PCI-5412 and PCI-5411 with LabVIEW 8.2 and NI-FGEN 4.2.1
I haven't seen any discrepency or problem with PCI-5412. But PCI-5411 behaviour is something "below level of floor" 😞
Currently, I try to work with External trigger.
At first, I don't see way how I can program External trigger (through 50 pins connectors).
Ok, I connected External trigger through RTSI iinterface. Now
- when I use niFgen Is I get "function not supported" error.
- when I use niFgen Wait Until I don't see error but function doesn't work well. It  just waits timeout and doesn't see that generation has been finished.
Any help?
I also met other problems before. Manual of FGEN 4.2.1 doens't provide any information.
Is there another manual?
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Hello Vasilich2004
Unfortunately niFgen Is Done is indeed not supported on the PXI-5411. The hardware functionality to check the status of the generation does not exist in this older device. As a compromise, the NI-FGEN team implemented the niFgen Wait Until Done function (which would normally use said hardware functionality) using timers for the 5411, which is far from perfect.

What other problems have you encountered?

Hope this is helpful
Marcos Kirsch
Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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Thank you for fast answer.

Can you confirm that now program can't handle external trigger on 50 pins digital connector? It is still important - I don't like to change configuration and documentation.

If you can - look on my request Reference#7143731. I was very-very surprised. Smiley Mad

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