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real time acquisiton and processing of EEG signal based on arduino board

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hi everyone,
could any one help me with a program file in order to show rel time EEG signal processing based on arduino. 
i tries this one but i'am not sure with the result.

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Hi meth12,

Looks like you are sending hexadecimal code from Arduino and trying read and convert data from the buffer.

The data, what you are trying to read here is completely depends on the program which you dumped into Arduino.

Try to post Arduino code,

Here are my some quick suggestions,

Send the data at maximum baud rate, i.e 115200.

Try to plot FFTfrom the data what you are receiving in Labview.

Calibrate the code with known signal from the signal generator, since EEG exists in the band 0.5 to 150Hz, try to calibrate the code with a signal generator up to 300Hz.




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Hi  Haristhota 
Thanks for respond. This is my arduino code

#define POINTS 800
int value[POINTS]; // variable to store the value coming from the sensor
int i=0;
void setup()
Serial.begin(9600) ;

void loop()
for (i=0;i<POINTS;i++)
for (i=0;i<POINTS;i++)
PS: i'am using 9600 baude in LabView and arduino.


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Accepted by topic author Kilwa

Long back I worked with Arduino wireless sensor data acquisition with LabView.

Try this code & LV VI.



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Hi Haristhota,
i have tried your code with 115200 baud rate and this is what i get
actually, is this a good acquisition of EEG signal ?
thanks for advance

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This is not at all EEG, I believe this is power line can check it in FFT where the peak is coming with this signal.

Let me know how you are trying to acquire EEG and for what application? what hardware are you using for acquiring EEG?



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it's for my final year project, i have designed a single channel EEG based on this site To acquire EEG signal i'am using 3 electrodes two in front of the head and one for GND. unfortunately, i didn't find eeg cable so i used an ECG electrode with crocodile cable. i have connect my EEG amplifier board to arduino with two wires
one goes to IOref pin and the other to A0 pin.
i hope i have explain enough for you.
i think the main problem depends on the electrode.!!! 
what do you think Sir.?

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First of all, test your circuit whether it is really amplifying the input signal or not and then try acquiring ECG from your arms & DRL, Acquiring ECG is easy and the signal has good strength than EEG; test your circuit for ECG directly with an oscilloscope, if it is ok then switch over to LV.

If you are able to get ECG, then increase the gain and try acquiring EEG. I believe this would be the right approach.

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yes i have tried my circuit and it works great. i will try with ECG and send you the result.

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this is what i get .. any thoughts please! i can't figure out where is the problem !!!

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