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SCB-68 direct feedthrough

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I have an SCB-68 interface box and have configured it for direct feedthrough mode. I just want to make sure I've set the switches properly.


Here is how the switches were when I first opened the cover:

Default settings


and here is how it looks after I modified the switch settings:

Direct feedthrough


Did I configure the switches properly for direct feedthrough mode?






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Matches the instructions in the manual, doesn't it?
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My concern was the image in the manual had the switch lettering S1 and S2 on the right side of the switches, not the left like on the SCB-68 board. There is a slight discrepancy there so I just wanted to be sure.

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Accepted by topic author tben60

The S1 & S2 in the manual refer to the same switches even though the letters on the other side of the switch.

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