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Other Collaboration Efforts

NI R&D "Community Source" Efforts



National Instruments has created a GitHub repository to community source G libraries. This move is intended to be a test of a mechanism to enable customers to create customizations of NI source code and share those customizations with each other and for NI to be able to adopt some of those customizations into its core products to benefit the entire LabVIEW community.


We are beginning with just three libraries:

  1. The Actor Framework, a library in vi.lib since LV 2012
  2. The NI-GOOP Development Suite, a free toolkit add-on for improving LabVIEW class development
  3. The AQ Character Lineator, a library not yet in vi.lib to support serialization/deserialization of LabVIEW classes


If this experience working with the community proves fruitful, NI may expand the number of our APIs that are part of this sharing.


National Instruments R&D has added a portal to their home page on GitHub which references some of the R&D efforts:


For more information, please visit this community:




A few members of the LAVA community have been working together on a few projects in this group on Bitbucket:


Note: This project uses Mercurial. Reference Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) Reference for tips on getting started


LAVA also has a forum dedicated to in-work code, here:


NI Community


The has an active user base discussing the development of excellent user interfaces in LabVIEW.



JKI has posted a few projects on github, here.


Featherweight/Wirebird Labs


Wirebird Labs posts some libraries here: