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Distributed Control and Automation Framework (DCAF)



The Distributed Control and Automation Framework (DCAF) is a collection of open-source software components that provide an architecture to efficiently building control applications with LabVIEW. Distributed control systems frequently need to aggregate data from multiple sources like local I/O, industrial data acquisition devices, third party control platforms (e.g. PLCs), other industrial devices using standard communication protocols, perform operations on that aggregated data like scaling, alarming, and control algorithms, and then route the results.
DCAF is an application architecture that provides a set of run time interfaces, a data communication engine, and a configuration framework, all of which allows users to get a robust control system up and running quickly.
Getting Started
For more information about solving this class of applications, visit the


Distributed Control and Automation Framework Community Group


To get started with the tag bus framework, look at Introduction to DCAF and Installation and Getting Started


Open Source Code

The Distributed Control and Automation Framework is an open-source community driven project, intended not only to provide an application architecture for use 'out of the box', but also to create a community of developers that will contribute and share new modules and plugins to the framework. Development of DCAF is hosted on GitHub and you are encouraged to particpate in the development using the DCAF repo.