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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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using cRIO 9074 with Epos 2

Hello everyone, 

I have no experience with motor control and I want to do a DC motor parameter's identification. So basically, its a open loop system and I want to get angular velocity-voltage diagram. 

My question is how I can do this test with a maxon DC motor, Epos 2 70/10, an incremental encoder and cRIO 9074 (with no modules). what other modules do I need to set up the expriment? how should I use the cRIO with Epos 2?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Looking at the manual for the Epos 2 70/10, it looks like it is a motor controller that communicates using CANopen or Serial. Our typical motion system utilizes a cRIO as a controller. You could still use the cRIO to send CANopen or Serial commands to the Epos 2 70/10.


From what I could tell, the Epos 2 70/10 does not support taking encoder measurements. This is where the cRIO and a DIO module such as the NI 9403


I'm not quite sure what you mean by velocity-voltage diagram, could you please elaborate on that? You may need an Analog Input module as well if you need to read in voltage.

Aaron Douglass
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you very much for your response, 

actually I want to do an experimental bode diagram, (forget about velocity-voltage diagram). so I want to have sinusoidal voltage with different frequancies as the input and velocity as the output and to be measured.

Is it necessary to use CANopen ?


I dont have much experience and knowledge on this matters and thats why I ask basic questions. thanks.

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As Aaron D said, you can use Serial to achieve the communication. CANopen is not the only channel. So a CANopen module is not necessary. However, a DIO module is essential because of the demand of the encoder.


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