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sbRio-9651, what is the difference between SoM dev kit and OEM kit

I'm interested in sbRio-9651 development board. I notice that there are three types and the prices are way different, Dev kit, OEM kit, OEM kit CC. What causes the price difference? My experiment setup uses an ADC-FPGA-DAC flow, and need speed of the ADC to be 1 GHz and DAC to be 2 GHz or so. Is OEM kit, which is with the lowest price, enough for this project? 


Below is a screenshot of the price. Will truly appreciate it if anybody can offer some help.




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The sbRIO-9651 Dev Kit contains the actually sbRIO SoM, a reference carrier board, and additional accessories (Power supply, standoffs, heatsink, USB cable). The carrier board allows you to immediately start development on the SoM without needing to wait to design you own carrier board. It is meant to be used during development of the application and not deployment. The OEM kit is the SoM only and meant for larger-scale deployment on your custom carrier board.


The CC version is just conformal coated.


The actual 9651 SoM is exactly the same in all three cases.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. That's quite clear.

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off topic.

If you guys have a used dev kit carrier board + som that you don't need anymore I'd be interested in buying it. We've developed our own carrier board at my previous workplace and I loved programming that. I'm doing sth else now but I'd like to have one around for side projects.




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