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cRIO 9014: Ethernet connection fails

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since recently, I cannot connect to my cRIO 9014 via Ethernet. I though can connect to "console out", where I get following error:



Target type: cRIO-9014
 Target code: 7319

System time (UTC): 1979-03-28 03:14:51
 System tick count: 29774 ms

Exception code: 0x00000300

Register contents:
 DAR = 0x00000000  DSISR = 0x08000000
 MSR = 0x0000B012  FPCSR = 0x82008000
  LR = 0x039D74F0    CTR = 0x000FAD8C
  CR = 0x00000000    XER = 0x20000000

GPR  0 = 0xFFFFFFFF    GPR  1 = 0x0359ace0
 GPR  2 = 0x00000000    GPR  3 = 0x00000000
 GPR  4 = 0xFFFFFFFF    GPR  5 = 0x0359ad80
 GPR  6 = 0x00000000    GPR  7 = 0x004e0049
 GPR  8 = 0x00000000    GPR  9 = 0x0393bed0
 GPR 10 = 0x0359B0F8    GPR 11 = 0x030eaba0
 GPR 12 = 0x24000448    GPR 13 = 0x00000000
 GPR 14 = 0x00000000    GPR 15 = 0x00000000
 GPR 16 = 0x00000000    GPR 17 = 0x00000000
 GPR 18 = 0x00000000    GPR 19 = 0x00000000
 GPR 20 = 0x00000000    GPR 21 = 0x00000000
 GPR 22 = 0x00000000    GPR 23 = 0x00000000
 GPR 24 = 0x00000000    GPR 25 = 0x00000000
 GPR 26 = 0x00000000    GPR 27 = 0x00000000
 GPR 28 = 0x030E3000    GPR 29 = 0x030e2f30
 GPR 30 = 0x039C57E4    GPR 31 = 0x00000000
  PC = 0x039d7514 in module taggerrt.out

Thread ID: 0x0359B0F8   Thread name: Tagger Message Processing Threa
 Thread stack base: 0x0359B0F8  stack size: 65536

Call Stack:
 0x39c57e4+0x2a268: nNIVersion_TAGGERRT_getVersionStringArray () in module taggerrt.out
 0x3998800+0x11c: taggerrt_StartupLibraryCleanup () in module taggerrt.out
 0x399da40+0x24c4: nNIVersion_TAGGERRT_getVersionStringArray (0x359b000, ) in module taggerrt.out
 0x399ce64+0x18e8: nNIVersion_TAGGERRT_getVersionStringArray () in module taggerrt.out
 0x399dd64+0x27e8: nNIVersion_TAGGERRT_getVersionStringArray () in module taggerrt.out

All Loaded Modules:
         --------------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
            NiFpgaLv.out 0x0395e408 0x03cc7190 0x03cd4b10 0x03cd4d28
               mxsin.out 0x03993108 0x0402b178 0x041c6a80 0x041d3348
               mxsdb.out 0x035bd330 0x03d07530 0x03ded1d0 0x03df38d0
         sysstatepublisher.out 0x0359dac8 0x0367d0f0 0x0369d530 0x036a0af0
            taggerrt.out 0x030ddee8 0x03998630 0x03b84440 0x03b99b30
            NiRioRpc.out 0x030e32b0 0x035cde08 0x035d96b8 0x035d98b0
            NiViSrvr.out 0x030e6680 0x0323b1a0 0x03260340 0x03261128
              NiFpga.out 0x030e5da0 0x035e30c0 0x03647d08 0x03647d90
            nipspxts.out 0x030e47e0 0x032a1c78 0x03310490 0x03316888
            lvalarms.out 0x030c7ae0 0x0326bc40 0x0329c018 0x0329c3a8
         nNIBlueBus_nCrioFixed_nRefnum.out 0x030c0aa8 0x03498720 0x035331c0 0x0353a9e0
             crio_ce.out 0x02d12ae0 0x03402228 0x03492440 0x03498548
         lvceconfig_handler.out 0x02d0f1d8 0x02cce9e0 0x02cfa338 0x02cfd148
         nilvicv_deployhandler.out 0x02d12130 0x02b78490 0x02b8f688 0x02b91298
         nilvicv_runtime.out 0x02d084d0 0x03319a70 0x033f5578 0x03401f68
             nilwpce.out 0x02d079b8 0x02c266a0 0x02c862c0 0x02c8c520
         crio_expert.out 0x02dfd980 0x02f90078 0x03033fe0 0x0303cf20
            nilxtcor.out 0x02f6e8b0 0x030f74e8 0x031e0520 0x031e9d40
         lvrfpmodule.out 0x02baf068 0x02baf8c0 0x02bb0a98 0x02bb0ac0
         nidp_target_end.out 0x02bacaa8 0x02d16388 0x02dbb8e8 0x02dc4950
         lvauthmodule.out 0x02bab940 0x02bac218 0x02bac620 0x02bac648
             logosrt.out 0x02c248a0 0x02e03508 0x02f5df98 0x02f6e068
         nisyscfgExpert.out 0x015cf168 0x02bb30a0 0x02c1f570 0x02c24268
            NiViAsrl.out 0x015cf828 0x029d40c0 0x029fb838 0x029fc280
             NiViRio.out 0x015cd2b8 0x0298e660 0x0299a608 0x0299d098
             NiViSys.out 0x015cdc38 0x02aa5cb0 0x02af0bc8 0x02af4128
              visa32.out 0x028c9e58 0x02914230 0x0292d7d0 0x0292d940
            NiViSv32.out 0x028c5760 0x016ef518 0x016fdfb8 0x016feb40
           deploysvc.out 0x028c8be8 0x0292f310 0x0293f348 0x02941180
            niriosae.out 0x01b109d0 0x0158ef10 0x015bf310 0x015c1248
                 mxs.out 0x01a24418 0x02944a18 0x029635a0 0x029660d8
         niserialSystemExpert.out 0x01a212e8 0x0286dab0 0x028b3990 0x028b5ce8
            niserial.out 0x01b0cf00 0x02a05048 0x02aa4db0 0x02aa5000
         NI_VariableRemConf_dll.out 0x01b172f8 0x028cce18 0x0290f908 0x02914058
         NI_VariableRemConf.out 0x01b1e9e8 0x016a5c40 0x016ccc90 0x016cf168
            wif_core.out 0x01481aa0 0x01565d08 0x0158bbf0 0x0158eda8
           rtexecsvc.out 0x01b1f268 0x0166bc50 0x01693b40 0x01695b50
         nisysapisvc.out 0x01b21a28 0x014fe5a0 0x01561340 0x01565b38
            nisysrpc.out 0x01b1bdd0 0x01419ad0 0x01477f88 0x0147bf58
            nisysapi.out 0x0106c478 0x015d0688 0x01665b98 0x0166b7f8
         nitargetcfg.out 0x0106ec70 0x014cd4f8 0x014fb758 0x014fe470
           niauthsvc.out 0x0106a500 0x01488b68 0x014c6938 0x014ca7a0
         sysadminsvc.out 0x01aff6f8 0x01956ae0 0x019f8a68 0x01a03120
              mxssvr.out 0x00feb840 0x01a24ea8 0x01ace5c8 0x01ad59c0
            dmRIOBus.out 0x0105e740 0x00fb68e8 0x00fe8818 0x00feb678
            mxsutils.out 0x00f0b180 0x00ff5848 0x01056348 0x0105b9d8
              bb_lib.out 0x00cdfad8 0x01706e38 0x0190f558 0x019351d8
              nilvce.out 0x00cdec38 0x00f2f778 0x00f681e0 0x00f6bfc0
            mod_niws.out 0x00c51008 0x012e5ea8 0x013ea3c0 0x013f4ca0
          ws_runtime.out 0x00c38eb8 0x011f1810 0x012db358 0x012e3bb0
           mod_niesp.out 0x00c28d10 0x00c292b0 0x00c38578 0x00c38d98
         ni_traceengine.out 0x00d82508 0x00c520b0 0x00c78f28 0x00c7bbb0
         niPortableRegistry.out 0x00cee178 0x00e48d98 0x00ed5a10 0x00edb518
              niauth.out 0x00ce2660 0x0107aae0 0x011dd630 0x011ed930
          mod_niauth.out 0x00b97478 0x00dbea08 0x00e3cc48 0x00e454d0
         mod_nisessmgr.out 0x00b96318 0x00ceee40 0x00d73628 0x00d7b960
          mod_niconf.out 0x00b95af0 0x00c08f38 0x00c107a8 0x00c107d8
         RTWebServer.out 0x0280b198 0x027ca838 0x027e6b70 0x027e8b08
              ts_rtc.out 0x0280a3d8 0x027a10f8 0x027a86e0 0x027a9c00
            tsengine.out 0x02808608 0x00b9c218 0x00bc66b8 0x00bc88a8
            nisvcloc.out 0x02790148 0x027b3478 0x027c8530 0x027c9f88
            NiRioSrv.out 0x02699dd8 0x0269a4d8 0x0278fac0 0x0278fcf0
                lvrt.out 0x00aa0668 0x01b22d50 0x02608050 0x02677cc8
           libappweb.out 0x00a950e8 0x00b0d520 0x00b1a0f0 0x00b1b7f8
         libappwebcore.out 0x00a94a18 0x00b00008 0x00b0c640 0x00b0d500
             libhttp.out 0x00a94218 0x00b35998 0x00b5e540 0x00b5fb48
              libmpr.out 0x00a64820 0x00a67890 0x00a92bd8 0x00a94178
              nirpcs.out 0x00a3baf0 0x00ae0650 0x00aff7d8 0x00affe88
             libpcre.out 0x00a3b208 0x00a4dd20 0x00a63e50 0x00a63fc0
            niriomtk.out 0x00a14270 0x00aa5c48 0x00adedb0 0x00ae03f0
               niusb.out 0x009e8a78 0x00a10e80 0x00a13e98 0x00a13f18
            niCPULib.out 0x009e5c40 0x009e9f28 0x00a0e638 0x00a0ebd8
            libexpat.out 0x00989908 0x00a1b3e8 0000000000 0x00a39278
               nipci.out 0x00988410 0x009e14d8 0x009e5a78 0x009e5af8
              nirtdm.out 0x00955fc0 0x00957338 0x009615a0 0x009616c8
            libiconv.out 0x007710b0 0x008f5130 0x009347d8 0x00934800
            ftpserve.out 0x008127f0 0x00812ef8 0x00823170 0x00823cc0
         nimdnsResponder.out 0x0077b740 0x0098a380 0x009cf188 0x009cf208
             vxfpsup.out 0x0076fa80 0x007702c0 0x007706b0 0x007707b8
 ▒            ni_emb.out 0x0076f4b0 0x007ac2b8 0x007bdd18 0x007be040





                             cRIO-901x Boot

 Copyright 2007 National Instruments Corp.



Bootrom version: 2.4.5
 Creation date: Jun 14 2007, 10:04:44


 Press any key to stop auto-boot...


It then reboots a few times until it stays in safe mode. So it also doesn't execute the VI.

When I try to ping the IP it gives me via the console, cmd sais "unreachable".


Is there anything I can try?

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Accepted by topic author EchoTango

One may mark this as solved.

Problem was, that the Controller run out of Memory.

Solution was removing some files via the console.

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