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View or process data acquired by NI 5732

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Hi all, 


I have a NI 5732 high-speed digitizer working with NI PXIe 7962R. I need to acquire high frequency data and view/process it online if possible. I think the problem is that the while loop in the top host VI is too slow to read the data sent from the FGPA. I can see the waveform clealy when the input frequency is low, but when the frequency is high the waveform looks ugly. Is there any way I can see the high frequency waveform clealy in real time? Or I can use somethig like a FIFO to store the data and view it later?





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Have you seen this yet?


It's an overview of how to use FIFOs in LabVIEW FPGA.  It sounds like you already know how FIFOs work.  This should help you see how to implement one in LabVIEW.

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Hi Jeff,


Thank you for your reply and I already figured out the solution by myself. 


I made the FPGA and host VIs by myself according to the "Getting started" example. I'm using the 80MHz internal clock in the FPGA VI. I'm trying to use NI 5732 to acquire signal with frequency of several MHz, so I believe the acquisition rate is fast enough.


I solved the problem by using a target-to-host FIFO. The maximum size of this FIFO seemed to be 32767 so I set it to this value. Also in the host VI I set the number of elements read from the FIFO to be 10000. Then I can view the MHz signal in the host VI. 





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