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Using MKS M100B with Labview

Has anyone tried to use MKS Mass-Flow controller with analog input\output and external power supply? I currently have the controller but not the PR4000s power supply (expensive) which allows for rs232 hookup to cRIO 9014. Otherwise it will be more cost effective for me to buy another controller with rs232 capabilities.
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There is a driver for the PR4000 that is available on DevZone, so there is a way to use the controller. Is there a specific concerns you had about the power supply?  Also there is a related forum post on how to use it with RS-232 if thats what you are concerned with.


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I read the post and it doesn't work for this model as I have a M100B which has a 15 pin connector. It will need a d\a converter to make it work or way to hook it up to both digital inputs and analog out for control. The driver will not help because I don't have the PR4000 (which is the whole issue). I seem to be caught in a choice of buying the power supply (contains the d\a converter) and a different mass flow with rs232 built in...
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