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Realtime online monitoring



I am planning to develop a real-time online monitoring system for an industrial process. Data should continuously be measured, processed, analyzed (including rigorous noise filtering), and displayed for an operator who monitors the process. Which hardware and software from NI will enable this? Is LabView useful for this? Many thanks 


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Any of the NI Hardware and Software will do this - which is best depends on many things such as:

  • IO types - analogue / digital / networked devices / serial devices, incl. specific electrical requirements if you have long cables, high noise enviroment, special isolation / ex atmosphere
  • Number of IO in each class
  • Sample rate
  • phyical space, power
  • cost
  • etc

A big question you need to ask is around sw development process - in house? any prior experience with LV ? how is the sw to be deployed - just one installation or many ? have you defined the functionality of the sw (data logging, report generation, UI, fault detection/handling, configuration, etc). Some options for LV and hardware simplify the development process a lot, but if your functionality needs something special or flexibility for future expansion - that may point in a different route.



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