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Problem sbRIO-9636

Hello all,


I have a problem with sbRIO-9636. I have configured IP address but now the status LED is flashing 4 times every few seconds. I can't find any documentation about this board but I have looked at others device documentation, and the explanation about 4 flashes is as follow :

"The software has crashed twice without rebooting or cycling power between crashes. This usually occurs when the device runs out of memory. Review your RT VI and check the memory usage. Modify the VI as necessary to solve the memory usage issue."


I have rebooted the sbRIO, removed power supply before powering the board again, I have deleted software (with MAX) and then reinstalled them, but it still doesn't work.


I have to precise something : in MAX the sbRIO is visible but the FPGA is not !


Do you know what the problem is ? Is there particular installation options for sbRIO-9636 ?


Thank you very much for any help.



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Hi Julien,


Information in regards of the LED status for your product is the same as the 9002/04.


You'll find it in table 3, page 11, in the operating instructions :


Hope it mighhts help.



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I had already had a look at this document. In fact it was just a problem with driver version (it was NI-RIO 4.0). I have downloaded NI-RIO 4.1 and now it works.


Thank you very much anyway !



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