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Labview FPGA Compile Server - Get Compilation Status Programmatically / Remotely?

I am getting more involved with Labview FPGA and am looking for options to speed up compilation times.  The NI compile server options seem like very viable solutions. However, I am looking to extract the progress of the build when I am not at the development machine.


After doing some digging, it does seem like I can kick off a compilation programmatically, using the '' located C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW xxxx\vi.lib\rvi\CDR.  By doing this, the Compilation Status Window does pop up (on the development machine) and shows a bunch of useful information, most important to me is the estimated progress bar information.  The VI's that are in the ..\..\CDR directory are password protected, so I am unable to look at any of the block diagrams that may be used to extract the progress bar data. I have also looked into the NI Compile Console, which shows job information however it seems to lack the estimated progress data.


Does anyone know if it is possible to programmatically retrieve the estimated progress and status (queued, compiling, ect) for jobs submitted to the compile Server without being on the development machine? 

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This API is very interesting and I have looked at it from time to time. It is undocumented and that makes it risky to look into for actual usage. For example how do I know it will retain compatibility into the future versions?


This folder is referred to in other forum posts here.


Have you reached out to NI directly about this?


What kind of compile times are observing? (e.g., minutes, hours, overnight)

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