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Is it possible to control the NI-9381 via NI-DAQmx in the DAQmx-enabled chassis, e.g. cRIO-9053?

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I know that in order to work with the cRIO, even with the NI-DAQmx capable chassis, I need to have at least NI Real-Time installed, but then modules could be controlled via DAQmx if necessary. Something like the NI-9402 will work like a charm with all 3 interfaces (DAQmx, Real-Time and FPGA).

On the other hand, according to the NI-9381 spec sheet, it can only be used in the cRIO chassis ( But I can find nothing about its relations with the DAQmx.


So, the question: is it possible to control the NI-9381 via NI-DAQmx in the DAQmx-enabled chassis, e.g. cRIO-9053? Or this module is exempt from the rule and only and solely could be controlled throught the Real-Time and/or FPGA?


Thanks and regards.

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Hi there!


The spec sheet is correct. The NI-9381 can ONLY be used in a cRIO chassis, and is not supported by the DAQmx driver. If you put it in a cDAQ chassis, it shows up as “NI-DAQ unsupported module” and cannot be used.

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Accepted by topic author D_mitriy

Your understanding is correct, the NI-9381 is only supported by NI-RIO. The NI Hardware and Software Operating System Compatibility - NI page is a good place to confirm what is and is not supported. If you enter the model number, or software, the page lists what is compatible.


For example, the NI-9402 is listed as being supported by CompactRIO and DAQmx:




the NI-9831 only list CompactRIO:





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Thank you!

I should mention, however, that the "NI Hardware and Software Operating System Compatibility" is not entirely accurate and could even be wildly off.

For example, for Windows 10 64 bit and NI-9402, the latest supported version of DAQmx is listed as 19.1 and CompactRIO as 15.5, which is not true at all. Both DAQmx and CompactRIO for the NI-9402 do work normally with the 2023Q4.


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@D_mitriy, Thank you for pointing out the error. I will let the appropriate people know.


As an aside, if anyone sees errors with the compatibility page, use the Site Feedback button to tell NI. I promise you people do read the feedback.

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Dear AustinMan,


Great, thank you. Could you please also check the information on the:

  1. NI-9401,
  2. NI-9403,
  3. NI-9263,
  4. NI-9381,
  5. NI-9215.

Because they all have the same problem. And the information about compatibility with Windows 11 and Linux does not look quite right either.

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