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Industrial Controller development workflow




I'm new to the forum. I'm working with a IC-3173 with Windows embedded 7 connected to a cDAQ-9174.

It is not easy to find documentation about how to develop on IC devices. I found documents on cRIO, as an example this developer guide:


I'm wondering if there is something simular for IC.

It's clear to me that in the simplest case I can have two VI, MainVI running on IC CPU and FPGAVI running on the FPGA.

However, it is not clear how to handle synchronization among CPU and FPGA.


If I understood correctly, I can verify the FPGA VI before deploying it on the  hardware by changing the FPGA execution mode to simulation and developing a TestbenchVI (as the one attached).


However I don't understand how to exchange data among the CPU and FPGA.

Can someone give me some reference?


Thanks in advance.

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