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FPGA VI to Real-Time VI Communication

I have a real-time VI which references a FPGA VI. I use the FPGA read/write node to update indicators in the real-time VI. At the FPGA end I have a logic which turns on a LED indicator when for example say variable x is greater than variable y. The logic is of course straightforward and works fine on the FPGA target. The logic also works fine when I run the real-time VI for the first time after running/compiling the FPGA VI.. But after that the LED indicator turns on prematurely even though the condition has not been met. I am relatively new to LabView so this might be a really basic error. I can share my code if that would help

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To give more context, I am using a NI 9361 with cRIO 9030 to count rising edges and compare it to a set number. Everything works fine on the FPGA VI

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Please share your code so that we can understand what's going on.

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I have attached screenshots. Do you want the VI files? There's another parallel loop in the code for a separate piece of logic but they should be independent.

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