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Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut - Clone Control

This Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut will clone the selected Control(s) or Indicator(s) on the Front Panel but changes Controls to Indicators and vice versa.  In addition, if found on the Connector Pane, it will attempt to place the newly created control on the opposite (left / right) side of the Connector Pane.

It was developed to automate the task where, for example,  you have a File Ref (in) control, and you want to wire it through the other side of the ConPane.

Note: This script only supports the following patterns: 4x2x2x4, 5x3x3x5, 6x4x4x6, and 8x6x6x8

  1. Save the attached VI in your <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins folder. No LabVIEW restart is required.
  2. Select some Controls / Indicators on your Front Panel.
  3. Press Ctrl-Space; Ctrl-C.
  4. You will now have an Indicator for each selected Control, and a Control for each selected Indicator. In addition, if your selection was on the Connector Pane, your new Controls and Indicators will also be wired into the Connector Pane on the opposite side (left / right).
  5. Very simple logic is used to create the new label: if the selected control ends with “in”, or “(in)”, the cloned indicator would end in “out” or “(out)”. If it can’t find a match at the end of your selected label, it simply appends an “(in)” to new Controls, and an “(dup)” to new Indicators.

This shortcut was tested with LabVIEW 2010.  zzz

Version 2 allows you to select multiple controls / indicators. (It no longer closes the references to the ConPane Ctrsl[] - this was throwing an error).

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