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How to install a Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut plugin

There are two locations from which LabVIEW loads Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut plugins. 


[LabVIEW 20xx]\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins

  • Plugins installed here are only accessible in that version of LabVIEW.
  • These plugins are available to any user logged in to the computer.
  • Save the plugin VI(s) in this LabVIEW version to improve load time performance of the plugin.

[LabVIEW Data]\Quick Drop Plugins

  • You can use Tools > Options > Paths > Default Data Directory to find out where the LabVIEW Data folder is on your system.
  • Plugins installed here are available in any LabVIEW installed on the system that is equal to or newer than the version used to save the plugin VI(s).
  • These plugins are available only to the user account that contains the LabVIEW Data folder.

If you are using a package management tool like VIPM, it makes the most sense to install Quick Drop plugins to the LabVIEW 20xx folder. If you are manually installing a plugin and want to share it across different instances of LabVIEW, you should install it to the LabVIEW Data folder instead.

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Hi Daren,


Do you know where are the shortcuts installed? I would like to automate the assignment of each shortcut to the correspondent plugin during the VIPM install. 



Guillermo Oviedo
R&D Software Engineer
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Oh never mind,


If someone else is looking for this, check this KB:

Boost labview productivity with quick-drop 

Guillermo Oviedo
R&D Software Engineer
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The keys for each type of shorcuts are:

  • QuickDropDiagramShortcuts
  • QuickDropPanelShortcuts
  • QuickDropKeyboardShortcutMappings
Guillermo Oviedo
R&D Software Engineer
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