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Flatten Wire

Hi all,


When I write LabVIEW code, I like to line up nodes and subvi's so that wires are straight. I found myself moving nodes and subvi's up and down to flatten wires a lot, so I wrote this quick drop plugin to do it for me.


I use it frequently, so I wanted to share it with anyone else who prefers straight wires.


I use it in LabVIEW 2019, but first wrote it in LabVIEW 2017. I haven't tried saving it and using it with earlier versions.





Flatten Wire


If the selected wire has two endpoints, this plugin flattens it by moving one of its endpoints and whatever is connected to that endpoint. By default, it moves the right endpoint of the wire up or down to be inline with the left endpoint. If shift is also pressed, it moves the left endpoint of the wire instead of the right one.


If the selected wire has more than two endpoints, this plugin does nothing.


If multiple wires with two endpoints are selected, it will flatten them in the order that they were selected.


Default Shortcut - [F]

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