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Falling Shortcuts!


I was after a quick drop trainer or practice tool and was about to write something to teach myself until I happened to stumble across this game which is much better than my initial concept as I needed to learn the shortcuts in the first place. So put my effort into some improvements. 


I have taken the version with hints and weighted random and fixed a bug as on 2019 there were some objects missing and these got weighted higher and higher until it locked up. I also didn't like the hints being on the front panel... I wanted to look at names of the objects and their short codes. So improved the UI so there is choice on speed, speed with mutliple objects, a hint option and show label option. Hint option has no hints, hints, delayed (1/3 down) and late hints (2/3 down). I tweaked the speeds a bit and limited it to 10 object max for multiple objects as it looks busy enough with 10... 




See attached. Saved for 2019 and 2015. 


Anyone interested in turning it into VI invaders? it would be nice to have a space ship at the bottom mirroring what you have already typed in, (Probably a string constant) as sometimes I type an extra character after the short code has been accepted and have an excess character that stuffs up the next one I type. Or I miss type one and carry on to the next one and get too many characters in the string. Would be nice not to have to look up at the top panel...


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