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NI HSDIO 6556 module control using python



Anybody here who is currently exploring to control the NI 6556 module via python?


I've seen example files written in C for controlling/manipulating the module which we could control using python via ctypes but I'm currently stuck and don't know to make the coding as efficiently as possible


I've seen options to call on the HSDIO dll but I can't find the references on the functions to import.


any guidance is greatly appreciated. 🙂




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Hi PeakyT,


I am looking to develop the same and haven't figured out any support online. Where you able to achieve this? Any guidance on this is really appreciated!!


Thanks !!

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No new progress.


but you may start with the API they created


Source Code:



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Wondering if anyone has started this effort?

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I have submitted an idea for this to be done. Please kudo to help signal to NI the desire/want.
Idea: Python driver for NI-HSDIO instruments 

Bill Eisenhower
Certified LabVIEW & TestStand Developer
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