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TS9524: Code Optimization and Benchmarking


Christian Altenbach (Research Ophthalmologist, UCLA Stein Eye Institute)

Edwin Dickens (Test Systems Engineer, DISTek Integration Inc.)


Examine some of the key concepts behind writing optimized LabVIEW code. To quantify “optimization,” you must first understand how to benchmark timing and memory usage. Then this session features examples to help you review inplaceness, the hidden costs of operations, parallelization, and existing compiler optimizations. Lastly, discover the pitfalls of optimizing an implementation of the wrong algorithm.

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Active Participant
I cant WAIT for this to be posted (post-NI Week)! I so wish I was able to go this year, for this presentation alone. Please let this be one of those that is recorded so I can view the presentation and the audience/presenter interactions after the fact!?! Also, this I hope would be one of the Developer Days or similar regional presentation available later this year in Boston!
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Some of the TS9524 material (slides, video, example code) has been posted in the special "Room 15" Community group.


TS9524 - Code Optimization and Benchmarking


Feel free to discuss over there. Thanks!


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