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TS9044: Shock Test Using Multiple Synchronized Racks

Speaker: Steve Watts (Designer, SSDC Ltd)


Hear how SSDC is designing a system that uses PXI racks to acquire synchronized signals to better than 1 ns. Explore these capabilities and the distribution model.

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Hi NIWeek Attendees

This presentation be about how SSDC has designed a Multiple Client / Multiple Server High Channel count digitizer system that allows the user to view lots of data from loads of channels from lots of synchronised PXI Racks. It will show how to save and load all experiment settings. Some fancy triggering tricks for >1ns synchronisation. Post-processing, document generation and all sorts of graphical gubbins.




And I've only gone and made it open-source (if you have the hardware!)


I'm happy to share code for those that are interested. 


Lots of Love

Steve Watts