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How often have you been to NIWeek?

@Hooovahh wrote:

The lack of a legit conference party is a bit of a bummer, but it's not the sort of thing that would keep me from coming.  Which I'm guessing NI knows, which is why they can do something a bit less and save some money.


As for the anniversary I wouldn't be surprised if NI did something to commemorate it.  What was it like in 2006?

Same with me, I will at the conference anyway. Just find it a bit irritating stepping back from large scale conference parties to this. Though I share you feeling that there is something special for the anniversary. There must be. Else I'd be deeply disappointed!


2006 was cool, really good party (though I don't remeber excatly where) some nice things happening on the expo floor. Just loved it.

I'll bring the old TShirt . Kept it to come back with it this year 🙂



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There were some great conference parties back in the days (remember the Spazmatics at the "backyard" many years ago?), but they have declined in recent years, probably because NI Week is getting too big to handle. 2014 was not great. I did not come last year, so I don't know what they did. Having a scaled back conference party directly at the conference center seems like a good alternative and I hope it will be great!


Many years ago there was also a great spouse program, but that has been discontinued too.


Now there is nothing on Wednesday night, so maybe the LAVA BBQ could be moved to Wednesday if this is how things will be in the future. I guess on Wednesday night the exhibits are already getting torn down, preventing a conference party on that day.


Everybody should make sure to do the questionnaire and give feedback after the conference.

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Thanks for your feedback. We are planning for a big turn out at the Tuesday Conference Party in the Expo with Dysfunkshun Junkshun playing.  

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So in 2013 I was super impressed with the conference party having never gone to NI Week before.  The venue was a bit crowded, but it was two stories with the up stairs being more like an open patio.  Most people were downstairs because it was air conditioned and the band was there, but it was great food, great drinks and lots of fun.


2014 was meh, much larger venue but food was alright, drinks were just beer and wine (where the year before there were other options) and the band was okay, step down in my opinion.


2015 was pretty lame.  There was no conference party but instead NI partnered with bars on 6th street and basically setup a tab at each bar for so many drinks for people with the NI badge.  There was also a few places with a buffet for people with NI badges.  It wasn't a bad time, but it was the same as every other night at NI Week, just with an open tab.


2016 seems like it is continuing the trend.


We will be making several considerations for changing the LAVA BBQ next year, and one of them is probably going to be the date of the event.  This year we had several complications and we didn't make a decision to change the date of the BBQ.

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This will be my fourth NI week.


2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Looking forward to the Advanced Users Track and what it will offer!

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Two times
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Hi Nina,

This will be my first time. I am looking forward to it

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Every single one except 2014. And (memory limited) I think 2 or 3 User Symposiums before it was called NI Week. 🙂


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i have this problem too

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This was my first NI WEEK. Tuesday only; expo-only pass. Forgot to buy a t-shirt. Smiley Indifferent

Jeffrey Bledsoe
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