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synchronization of a PXIe-5122 digitizer with a PXI-5402 function generator

Hi, I was using a PXIe-5122 digitizer to continuously acquire the received signals and a PXI-5402 function generator to continuously send pulse trains. These two cards are both installed in a PXIe-1073 chassis. The application I was trying to implement needs the digitizer synchronized with the function generator, so that I can calculate the relative time of flight of the signal from the transmitter to the receiver. Following describes the details of the application. First, function generator drives a transducer (through the AO of the PXI-5402) to generates a pulse train, and the signal propagates through some random media and after n milliseconds get received by a receiver and digitized by the PXIe-5122. My goal is to measure the time of flight of the signal I transmitted. Therefore, I must know exactly when the PXI-5402 generate the pulse train, and when the PXIe-5122 received the pulse train. This can be done if the two devices are synchronized. Then, the time of flight of the signal is simply the time delay in the received signal. Can some one let me know how I can synchronize these two devices with the same sampling clock and start trigger? Thanks, -Roger
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Hey roger8144,


With these two modules, you could implement a TClk synch method as shown in this example:



Libby B.
Applications Engineering Specialist - RF Wireless
National Instruments
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