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pxi-6115 not recognised by Labview 7.1 traditional NIDAQ



    I am very new to Labview and am using PXi-6115 cards to drive and sense with piezos. I am carrying on someone else\s work and it is all in Labview. The previous guy used Labview 7.1 and traditional NIDAQ. But now, when I use his VI i get the error "Error - 10401 occured at AO Group Config". I have also tried using the examples for traditonal NIDAQ given in labview and they do not recognize the cards. The NIDAQ-mx recognizes the cards. But, when I use Matlab it recognizes with both the traditional and mx drivers. What gives? I am using Labview 7.1 and NIDAQ 7.2.0f1. I would really appreciate your help. I do not have time to learn Labview and work wtih NIDAQ-mx. My work is stalled because of this problem.


Muhammad Haroon

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Hello Muhamma,


do you see your device under the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).

Please take a look at "device and interfaces". If you installed both driver you should see the card under the "DAQmx" entry and under the "Traditional" entry.

Please test your hardware with the testpanel.

If the hardware work in MAX it should also work in LabVIEW.

But its not possible to work with both driver an one card at the time.

Do you want to use the DAQmx driver or the traditional driver.

I recommend the DAQmx driver because you dosent get a new version of the traditional driver.

If the card works in MAX please open a original labview example.

Please take a look at the describtion maybe your card dosent support some examples.

And check the correct device name.


Kind regards,





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