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Unable to access PXIe-7962R + NI-5734 in LabVIEW

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I have previously developed a PXIe-based system that uses FlexRIO. It all worked well. The FlexRIO devices show up in NI MAX as follows (Notice that the FlexRIO modules have yellow FPGA icons, and their adapter modules are shown):


Incomplete FlexRIO - All Good.png



I am now attempting to build an exact duplicate of this system. I've assembled an identical set of hardware, and (as far as I can tell) I've installed all the same components as the original system (using the NI Developer Suite 2015 DS1). However, something's not quite right. Here's what NI MAX shows me in the new system (Notice that the FlexRIO devices now have generic gray icons instead of yellow FPGA icons, and the adapter modules aren't visible).


Incomplete FlexRIO - Generic VISA Device.png


Furthermore, the LabVIEW code that I developed for the original system produces a runtime error on the new system "NI-RIO:  (Hex 0xFFFF0928) Either the supplied resource name is invalid as a RIO resource name, or the device was not found. Use MAX to find the proper resource name for the intended device." LabVIEW is unable to find any RIO devices:


Incomplete FlexRIO - Undetected in LabVIEW.png



Here is the list of software installed on the new system:


Incomplete FlexRIO - Installed Software.png


I've also installed NI FlexRIO Adapter Module Support 14.1.0 (which doesn't appear in NI MAX). Can anyone spot what I'm missing?


Thanks in advance!

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Do you have the same BIOS version on each controller/chassis? I've seen older versions of the BIOS lead to issues identifying RIO targets. 



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Hi David,


The 2 controllers had exactly the same BIOS (version 1.2.0f0), which was the latest version for the PXIe-8135 .


It turned out that, even though I had installed the drivers, Windows had not "registered" (?) the drivers properly for some reason. There were many items under "Device Manager" -> "NI-RIO Devices":

  • 15x "NI PXIe-7962R", all were OK
  • 15x "NI-RIO FPGA Device", all had yellow exclamation marks on them.

I right-clicked "NI-RIO FPGA Device" and selected  "Update Driver Software..." -> "Browse my computer for driver software" -> "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" -> "NI-RIO FPGA Device". After I did that to one "NI-RIO FPGA Device", all 15 exclamation marks disappeared, and I could use my FlexRIOs properly.

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