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PCMCIA modem cannot run on PXI (Win NT os)

"hi. i am using a PXI system which runs on Win NT.i bought a Win NT compatible pcmcia card modem to be used with the NI pc card carrier. However when running on Win NT, the modem wasnt able to detect my modem. and it simply couldnt dial. I was running fine when i use it on Win 98. anybody who have similar configuration as mine (specs below) and knows the solution pls help!! =( quite urgent
components of my pxi system (running on Win NT as OS)
8-slot chassis for PXI & Compact Modules
PXI-8220 2-slot PC Card carrier
PXI-6527 Isolated Digital I/O Module
PXI-7030 Real-Time Mulitifunction Board"
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Windows NT does not have native support for PCMCIA. To get PCMCIA to work under Windows NT, you must have a third party card and socket services installed.

You may want to try an product called CardWizard. I have heard of people having success with it.

Trey Hamilton
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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