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PCI-6221 card replacement compatible with SCXI-1000 Chassis and Windows 10/11

Hello, I apologize if this is not the right location for this post but I really need help. We are trying to replace the computer in our Wind Tunnel with a newer computer capable of Windows 10 or 11. The hardware in the wind tunnel is the NI-SCXI-1314 and NI-SCXI-1302 terminal blocks connected to a SCXI-1000 Chassis. This connects to the old computers tower via a PCI-6221. Our goal was to see if there was a PCI card compatible with the current hardware in the wind tunnel and compatible with windows 10 or 11. The LabVIEW version we have is 2019. If this wasn't possible we also wanted to know if there was a DAQ that could be compatible with the wind tunnel hardware and connect to a windows 10/11 computer. 


We had tried to use a NI USB-6251 but when looking for the physical channels it couldn't find them. 


Any help is appreciated, thank you so much and please let me know if you need more specifics!

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It seems you have 2 issues, one for the SCXI sub-system, another is for 6251 access.


I have not use the SCXI in project, but it looks SCXI-1314 is a terminal box for SCXI-1520, which you should access the 1520 via computer. However, SCXI is a product series already obsoleted, and the latest information I found is only support DAQmx 9.x version and OS official support up to windows 7. That means... it is quite hard if you are about to upgrade the OS. (I am not saying impossible, but it is obsoleted...)


I was dealing with some legacy systems before, and first question would be:

Is the system about to running for very long period? like 10 or 20 years?

  • If so, upgrade it, the obsolete hardware put the system in an extremely risky situation.
  • If the system just needs running for 1 or few years. I would keep the system without any upgrade. Maybe buying some spares. (if you need spare, visit NI Trading Post, post your requirement, someone there would help, contact me if any trouble.)


Regarding to the USB-6251 issue, it is a plug and play DAQ, it should work fine once you connect USB to PC with driver. Post what you observe, so we can help. 




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Hello, thank you so much for your response!


I appreciate the help on the SCXI system. I think that for now we will pursue a different solution with the USB-6251



Earlier we had tried to use the USB-6251 by connecting it with the hardware and a different computer that ran LabVIEW 2019. When trying to use the DAQ Assistant tool and looking for the physical channels of the hardware in the wind tunnel. These were some pictures of our set up and the errors it was giving us. We are not experts in using NI hardware so really any help is appreciated!  

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The self-test error shows some potential reasons. How about debugging based on that information? like confirm the SCXI chassis power, cable.


I would also try using 6251 itself to see if it is functional. I cannot see the status LED from the picture, but I doubt it works fine. 


If you have extra SCXI module, a cross verification is an option. 

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