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NI PXI-8196 Controller Upgrade

Hi everyone,


I have a chassis model PXI-1042Q with an embedded controller model PXI-8196.

The system's resources are in the image attached. 


I would like to know if there is anything that can be done to improve the system and make it faster (apart from buying a newer controller).The computer and any operation on Labview is really slow.


Thank you.

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It is difficult to say how you can improve the performance of the controller in such a broad sense, for this case you can start by considering the controller as any other computer, it may be that reformatting or removing programs and services that are not needed could be beneficial.


It may be that the age of the controller itself is resulting in problems with its performance and that some maintenance would be needed.


How bad is the performance you are seeing for this controller, and how much use has this controller seen over time, is this a recent problem?

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Hi Richie, thank you for the reply.


Do you know where I could find guidelines to reformat the controller and the drivers' version?


It has been used a lot in the past, but it has not been used very often over the last 4 years. Both labview and measurement & automation take a few minutes to open and each task makes it stop for a few minutes also.

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Hi Adrielly,


Since you have Windows on the controller, the reformatting process is the same as you would any other Windows PC.



Hardware Engineer
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