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NI Chassis does not link to NI computer card (NI PXIe 8361 to NI PXIe 8360)

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NI chassis link can be established on an old computer, but not on this new one (Dell Inspiron small desktop). NI Max shows that the computer recognizes the NI card (PXIe 8361) but does not establish a connection to Chassis. Have tried different ports, and have installed all necessary software (I believe). Anyone have similar issues or have suggestions for what might be the issue? 

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We have a MXI troubleshooting guide that's posted online. I'd recommend running through the steps posted there to see if any of the steps helps.



My quick suggestions are to make sure the computer's BIOS is up-to-date and try our MXI Express BIOS Compatibility Software.



After running the software, there's a dipswitch on the PCIe-8361 that needs to get turned on. There should be a bank of four switches, it's switch 1 that needs to get moved to the ON position.


If there are still problems, can you send in a MAX Tech Report and a screen shot of Device Manager with System Devices fully expanded.

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Thank you for your help. I have tried to work through some of the suggestions you mention above and am still running into some problems. I will describe my issues below and have also attached the MAX report and photos of the Device Manager. 


Things I have successfully tried:

1. I updated the BIOS to the latest version

2. I made sure to disable ASPM mode in the BIOS

3. Tried the NI PXIe 8361 in a different PCI slot.


Issues I am still having: 

1. From the MXI troubleshooting guide, following symptom 2, the National Instruments SMBus controller is not showing up in device manager. 

2. The Compatibility software "does not recognize any relevant devices" despite switching the dipswitch to pos 1 and switching PCI slots as well. 


Anything I am missing? 


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Accepted by topic author colamo95

Have you confirmed the cable is connected correctly? The 8360/8361 cable has a shroud to tell you the direction, but sadly it is pretty easy to plug the cable in the wrong way and not realize it (I have done it multiple times). It doesn't look like it should fit, but it does.

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This fixed it. Rather disappointed it took me so long to figure this out. (Also note for others having similar problems, I did try this fix before and concluded that the cable only fits in one direction, so it is really easy to make this mistake and you should double check it). 

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