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[FlexRIO Adapter Module] 7976R support for 6583 IO module

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Hello everyone,


need some support from the community to re-target my Socketed CLIP architecture to a FlexRIO NI-7976R board with the NI-6583 Adapter Module.


Everything in NI MAX seems all right, though I receive this message when I try to select the adapter module in a new project:




Tried doing some google about this error message but got no meaningful results. Any idea?


The module is connected to the board.

Other adapter modules (such as the 5761 can be selected in the property window.

Already verified Adapter Module drivers 2014.08 pack to be installed into the controller system.

Currently using LV and LV FPGA 2014.


Thank you for your help!

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Accepted by topic author DoesntMeanAnything

It looks like the version of Adapter Module Support you have installed doesn't have support for the NI-6583 on the PXIe-7976R. The configuration file that is listed in the Details window doesn't include support for the PXIe-797XR class of devices. The configuration file for the NI-6583 that supports the PXIe-7976R was added in Adapter Module Support version 14.1. You can update the Adapter Module Support to version 14.1 from this link: 

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You are such a life saver!



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