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Enqueue and Dequeue

In my attached code I am trying to enqueue and dequeue elements. The problem is that when I am checking queue status using "Get queus status" it shows that there are some elements in the queue. Can somebody look at it and guide me what is the problem. Why the queus are not getting empty completely.


Many thanks

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The only issue I am seeing is your wait in the bottom consumer loop (writing to the FPGA).  I would get rid of that wait so that you can process the data as quickly as it comes in,

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Many thanks for your reply. I tried to remove the 33 milli sec. delay. But it does not affect any thing and the code shows the same behaviour. But If I separate the dequeus and FPGA write in to different while loops then dequeus works fine and no elements remain in the Get queus status any more. But I have another issue now. I have to access "Y-component of the cluster in the FPGA write "while loop". But when I am trying to access it there I got nothing. Its indicator inside FPGA write while loop shows nothing although the indicator of Y-component  inside dequeue while loop shows values.


Can you guide mehow to fix this issue. Many thanks for your guidance. 

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