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200152 error on pxi 4472

Hi everyone,


I'm using pxi -1031 DC chassis with two acquisition card: 4472 (8 channels) and 6229 (32 channels).

I trigger simultaneous data acquisition with labview.

The problem is:

Sometimes 4472 does not start acquisition and crash the vi. Errors occured could be:

- 20152, data read on eeprom on the device are invalid. (the problem is the same for self-testing on MAX)

- 89125,

In that case, both 4472 and 6229 self testing are correct. And acquisition of single device  at a time is working. But simultaneous acquisition does not work.


Sometimes, resetting pxi chassis and computer solve the problem, and sometimes not...


If someone have an idea on what happen with my pxi, Ithank him in advance.

Best regards,




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